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If These Walls Could Talk

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban a twenty-something NY based interior designer, who’s clients include Jessica Stam, James Franco, Zoe Kravitz and his latest addition Alexander Wang’s new NY flagship boutique arrived from Philadelphia nine years ago with his mind set on joining the ranks of the fashion industry’s elite. Korban once said he was “drawn to all the ways the fashion world felt young, relevant and sexy,” He continued to say “Then I realized my love for it had nothing to do with the actual construction of clothing.”
Instead he started to fantasize about all the interiors he saw around him, he took a leap of faith and is now one of the most sought after interior designers! Korban is said to be one of the most meticulous self-made, untrained designers around.
His concept is simple. Your space should represent you, create your space how you would dress!
Mix texture, color and utilize your best feature. He shares his idea that our living space can be exact and polished, while still comfortable, realistic and livable. That’s the essence of his approach.

*photos courtesy of www.ryankorban.com

Put It on the Glass

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

This is my example of a work of art… The Glass Pavilion - Santa Barbara, Ca.
Architect Steve Herman calls her his “greatest achievement!” The breathtaking 14,000 sqft beauty is modernism at it’s finest. The five bedroom five and a half bath home is set within a 3.5 acre Montecito oak grove. The house, wrapped in glass and space so generous that it comes complete with a 32 car garage with walnut lined walls and art gallery! The combination of architecture, style and extreme detail in quality make it a home without compare! The Glass Pavilion is now up for sale for a mere thirty five million… Who wants to buy momma a home??? :)

Put It On The Glass-1

Put It On The Glass-4

Put It On The Glass-2

Put It On The Glass-3

Put It On The Glass-5

Put It On The Glass-6


Save the Garment Center

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Save the Garment Center Jobs Rally

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at Noon
39th street & 7th Avenue

The garment center exists as a microcosm of all domestic manufacturing industries in America. It’s survival is central to the fashion industry’s dominance on a worldwide stage.
In order to continue the push for ” Make it in America” we must try and preserve these jobs and futures of Americans in fashion.

Join Handbag Designer 101, myself and a host of others at the Button and Needle, Noon tomorrow!
Congresswoman Maloney
Congressman Nader
Congressman Ryan
Arianna Huffington
Bruce Raynor of Edgar Romney from Workers United
Nanette Lepore
Simon Doonan of Barney’s

Past, Present and The House of Balenciaga

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009



Balenciaga is giving me feva!!! Nicolas Ghesquiere’s S/S 2010 Ready To Wear Collection is insane, for a brief moment its as if we are warped into the future. The Look: Woman of the future…… strikingly beautiful, confident and ready for anything. She wears neon oranges, greens and pinks around her eyes. Long black streaks run from her eyes, appearing as war paint. The woman of the future is Balenciaga!  She combines leather with an assortment of materials, making a vicious statement. They remind us of female assassins! Balenciaga went to Paris Fashion Week and gave us all a glimpse into the future. I like what I see!

Sartorial Lust Part Deux….

Friday, October 2nd, 2009



Street Fashion Photographer, Scott Schuman, has published The Sartorialist! Following his immensely successful namesake blog, Scott has published a paperback edition and the coveted Bespoke Edition. The Bespoke Edition is a beautifully bound hardback for those who would use this as a conversation piece and thing of beauty. The pictures of everyday people are simply mesmerizing. These photographs give you a feeling of reality and fabulousness all wrapped into one. People rushing from here to there, all the while looking effortlessly chic. It makes me think about who they are, and where they are going. The expressions on their faces, the way they stand, all paint a picture and convey a message. The Sartorialist has performed the magical feat of truly capturing the realistic beauty of day to day style & fashion!

We love the Sartorialist!!!

The How To’s…… How To Wear What?!?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009



The founders of the uber-popular fashion website WhoWhatWear.com, have teamed together to create a high fashion tricks of the trade style manual for the everyday gal. Two former editors from  Elle Magazine, Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr, are the flygirl duo behind the hugely successful site and now book. They deliver fashion Do’s and Don’ts, helping the fashion perplexed navigate their way past fashion faux-pas. Raving customer reviews of the book show that it is practical enough to be understood while delivering powerful and applicable fashion advice. Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe are a delight as celebrity contributors, dishing their insider style secrets. 

The Who What Wear book is a witty & clever go to guide for everything fashion, every girl should own a copy…… I do and so should you!!


Photos courtesy of www.whowhatwear.com

I Am Ledgen……

Friday, June 26th, 2009


Yesterday our world came to a screeching halt as word spread of Michael Jackson passing… Since then tributes have been pouring in for the pop icon who died yesterday following a suspected cardiac arrest in his Bel-Air home. It was a sad day for everyone, I literally shut down, it’s surreal and really hard to accept!  Myself, like many others basically grew up listening and obsessing over MJ! He is a part of our culture…. I feel like he’s a part of ME!  As I’m sitting here watching the tributes and videos, there are mixed feelings… I’m sad, but I’m also happy that he is at peace…. No more pain and watching all the videos and listening to the songs… Makes me smile, my heart is warm and I’m filled with joy to have been able to experience such an extraordinary talent …. There will never be another, he’s the best of the ledgens and I will never forget how his music makes me feel!  

We love you Michael Jackson rest in peace!!

Eye On Design

Friday, June 19th, 2009


Italian artist/sculptor Mauro Mori unveiled his Eye on Design exhibit last night at Minotti Los Angeles. Minotti L.A. emptied it’s showroom to host the event. The collection of 60 select pieces designed over ten years showcases Mori’s ability to compare and contrast different materials from wood & marble to aluminum & copper. His designs are unusually beautiful and artistic! 


Mauro Mori

Mauro Mori






57723823madisokellynyc619200960358pmI love it!! 

Photo’s courtesy of wireimage

Tokyo Drift’n…..

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009



OMG… I’m going to Japan in August, and I’ve been thinking about how this trip will be filled with tons of inspiration!!! From the Architecture, Historic landmarks to their fashion and corky street styles. I’ve been browsing a lot of Japanese sites lately, and the other day I ran across this jewel www.style-arena.jp. This site has archives that date back to 2004 of dope ass japanese street fashion, I mean they all look like stylist or designers…. LOL Needless to say I was in heaven, It’s all eye candy for me and I’m totally excited and can’t wait! 

Super cute & funky….. Never scared, I loves it all!!

Contain Yourself

Sunday, April 5th, 2009


The concept of using steel shipping containers as refuge is hardly new, but the industry of container architecture has completely evolved. Living in a world where we are now forced to reason with how to utilize and depose of our used material. Recycling has become very important to most Americans…. Even as a lifestyle.

America does not export as much as we import. Continued  trading with Asia & other countries leaves us with these massive 32,000 pound containers, which sit and waste space at ports around the country. So why not deconstruct and use alternate options for our housing crisis… With the help of innovative architects, we can now take recycling to the next level. These containers are affordable, fire proof, flood proof and virtually indestructible! It’s absolutely genius!  There’s this guy Adam Kalkin who is the owner and designer of Quik Homes, his Quik Home packages start out around 76k to about 160k (Not including your lot). I’m not really mad at that.. It kinda makes you wonder why more people aren’t moving on this trend. I guess it just easier to buy a home? I love this concept and would consider the option if I was building a new home form the ground up! Amsterdam, Florida and Los Angeles are just a few places where these industrial styled homes are popping up, the photo’s above give you an idea of the limitless promise of steel boxes! 

Super Cool!